Preserving and documenting Health, Environment and Safety work is a statutory part of the board’s work in all housing cooperatives and co-owners.

Using Norik Web, the workaround HSE and Internal Control can be made simple, clear and at the same time safeguarding the responsibility of the board. With Norik Web you do not have to download the software. The system is located on secure servers with access via the Internet wherever you are.

The system has a low user threshold, great flexibility and provides a good overview of controls to be performed and non-conformities to be corrected.

When using Norik Web, the board is given help to have full control over the overview of all routines and procedures to be followed up.

We can also assist in setting it up so that it is customized just for your condominium, condominium or real estate company. Within 1 week you have a complete system tailored to your needs and ready to use.

Here you will find:

  • Completed templates for control forms, checklists, deviation lists, general ledger (HSE book) with associated routines, procedures, risk analyzes and registration of adverse events RUH
  • Automatic notifications, reminders and messages via email or SMS to the persons who are set to take care of the internal control
  • Overview of all laws, rules and regulations
  • Own document archive for agreements, declarations of conformity etc. Export possibilities to PDF, Excel etc.

Electrical: Provides the board with a complete overview of the state of the electrical system. Safe for the environment, well maintained and in compliance with the regulations.

Fire: Complies with fire regulations by documenting the technical condition of the building. Alarm systems, extinguishing equipment, escape routes, doors, windows, fire drills, fire technical documentation etc.

Plumbing: Addresses everything within water and wastewater, water pipes, sanitary equipment, radiators, sprinklers/irrigation systems.

Building: Overview of the building’s facade. Maintenance of doors, windows, gutters, downpipes, roof tiles, hazardous fallout reporting and other conditions.

HSE: Maintenance of the housing association / HSE book, procedures, routines and risk analyzes. Own routines and checklists for playgrounds.

Working environment: The actual working environment of an employed caretaker, operating manager, etc. Working conditions, indoor climate, working environment, psychosocial conditions, sick leave, overtime work, etc.

It is easy to create checklists that cover all areas and make it easy for the board to conduct self-checks.

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